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Apple is apparently moving on from its infamous butterfly keyboard. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (via MacRumors), the first Macbook to get the scissor mechanism keyboard will be the MacBook Pro 16-inch variant, which is expected to be launched in September and will be available to purchase sometime in October.

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Starting from 2020, every new MacBook model will include the new scissor-switch keyboard, according to Kuo. This new keyboard design is said to use a scissor mechanism with glass fibers to reinforce the keys and keep them from breaking. It would also apparently be cheaper to produce. The updated keyboard would allow the keys to travel a bit longer, and it would be a bit more durable.

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The butterfly keyboard has been a notable problem for Apple for years. In an effort to slim down its MacBooks, it introduced the butterfly keyboard in 2015. Since then, users have complained that the keys would stop working if dust got under them. Apple has introduced a series of measures to prevent that from happening: it updated the design with rubber stoppers to keep dust out, and then it tweaked the design with some “new materials” in the mechanism to improve their reliability. Apple has since confirmed the issue, saying that it’s only affected a “small number” of devices, and it launched a repair program.


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