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Samsung has always been working on the motto ” Do what you can’t”, which now seems appropriate for a lot of iPhone users. A report claims that less number of Apple users are sticking with iPhones. In fact, when the time to get a replacement comes, they are much comfortable making the switch to Android, preferably Samsung.

A new report from BankMyCell claims that more Apple users are opting for Android alternatives, preferably Samsung when the time to replace their older iPhones arrives.

The report is supported by the data from the iPhone trade-in site. BankMyCell has been collecting data on the new device people have during the valuation and trade-in of their old iPhone. The portal allows users to sell their used phones and upgrade to a new one. As per their research, 18.1 percent of iPhone users were trading in their device for a Samsung device in June. This is also the highest level since it’s been in the study. The data comprises of over 38,000 people trading in their phones since October. On the contrary, only 7.7 percent of Samsung users traded in for an iPhone. Over 92.3 percent remained on the Android operating system as well.

To let the users stick on their devices, Apple has to take some necessary steps. Apple iPhones are very expensive as compared to smartphones from other brands, which makes users shift to Android alternatives like Samsung and Oneplus. Also, Android smartphones are easy and are way cheaper to repair as compared to iPhones.




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