iPhone X – Annoying Issues and their Solutions!

Apple’s iPhone X created hype when it was introduced in late 2017. Unluckily, the iPhone X brings some issues certain to the redesign.

To the savior, there have been several workarounds and fixes to keep up the pace. Some issues can be fixed by the IOS update, while others need to be fixed by taking the phone to a service center.

Let’s have a look at bit frustrations, flaws in the designs, and defects that iPhone X users face and try to solve them!

1. Face ID doesn’t work

The issue most people face is that the face id of iPhone X doesn’t work. Similar to old devices, Face ID won’t work most of the time properly.

If you want to prevent this issue, make sure to clean the notch on your iPhone X on a continuous basis. There’s a variety of sensors, projectors, and cameras in that tiny little space, and you must need to clear them so that they should work.

The second thing which you should do is to scan the face in a lighted area. If you scan it in low light, it might cause problems, and your face id won’t work.

If you have any issues concerned with the Face ID recognition issues, go to Settings> Face ID & Passcode and Reset Face ID. In this way, you will be able to set the face recognition again.

2. A lot of screenshots get taken

The iPhone X doesn’t contain a home button, which states that you won’t be able to take screenshots by the method of the Home+ Power button combination. Rather, you would have to press Volume Up+ Side Button. Though it has its own drawbacks i.e., it can be easily triggered, and you can have a pile of screenshots when you take out your mobile.

There’s no clear way you can change its shortcut, which means you have to work around with it.

3. Hair pulling of iPhone X

As per some users, the gap between the iPhone X chassis and screen bezel gets magnetic for the hair. If you have big hair or a bushy beard, this can be a concern for you, and to fix this issue Apple provides some tutorials on how to place on ears while on call.

4. Issues with the delayed touch screen

Two issues that got noticed by the users on earlier versions of iOS 11 were phone calls and touch screen delay issues. The first issue prompted with the calls: the screen would light up, and the ringing tone would get played, but the decline or answer screen would never open up. According to PayetteForward.com, this issue mostly occurs in places where the temperatures are too cool. The iPhone X touchscreen becomes unresponsive when it encounters a drop in the temperature.

Apple fixed these issues with the help of a software update. So, if you encounter this problem, ensure you run the latest iOS version, which can be a check on Settings> General> Software Update. If any other issues occur as such, you should be on the call with Apple.

Another issue you might face with the touch screen is the ghost touch, here, your iPhone carries out actions by itself. You can find a bit of ghost touch fixes that are available online.

5. Issues with the screen: Shift in color, burn in the screen and green lines

The iPhone X makes use of the first OLED display, which is seen for the first time on the iPhone. Though, this is not the first time Apple is using an OLED display, as they are already using them in Apple Watch and MacBook Pro, this amazing display has its own flaws.

Some users have observed a slight shift in color hue while using the iPhone. There are various other display issues that can be sorted if you visit Apple’s website. But, if you face a problem of the vertical green lines appearing on the screen over time, you should get the screen replaced by Apple.

6. Issues with the wireless charging

The iPhone X uses wireless charging and is not the first model to use it. But, there are some issues that are still faced by the user. Generally, if you wirelessly charge the iPhone X in a folio case and have cards that use contactless technology, there can be a disturbance caused.

These are some of the issues which are often faced by the iPhone X. There have been various issues that Apple has resolved, but if some of them still pertain, you can check many different online community forums. Forums will provide you with the information that might help you fix the issues.


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