M3 Silicon-based MacBooks Coming Sooner Than Expected, Says Report

During WWDC 2023, Apple finally showcased the highly anticipated 15-inch MacBook Air, along with the impressive new Mac Studio and the powerful M2 Pro and Ultra chipsets.

However, tech enthusiasts are still eagerly awaiting the arrival of the M3-based Macs. As the year approaches its end, expectations are running high, with hopes that the much-awaited M3-based Macs and MacBooks will make their debut sooner rather than later.

Earlier rumors hinted at a potential release by the end of this year or within the first half of the next. Fortunately, thanks to insights from Gurman, the launch window has become more definitive. Apple’s fans can now look forward to an exciting and potentially game-changing lineup later this year.

Are M3-equipped Macs Just Around the Corner?

According to Gurman’s Power On Newsletter, Apple is preparing to expand its Mac lineup by introducing M3 Apple silicon as soon as October. The initial devices to receive the M3 chipset upgrade will include the 13-inch MacBook Air, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and the upcoming iMac.

Although Gurman hasn’t provided a specific launch date, it’s likely that Apple will announce these products during the September iPhone 15 launch event, with the official unveiling scheduled for October.

However, it appears that the M3-based high-end MacBook Pro models (14-inch and 16-inch) and the Mac Studio will not be part of this year’s lineup. Gurman suggests that we can expect those devices to debut in 2024 instead.

He clarifies that October is considered too early for the release of new high-end MacBook Pros or desktops, making the next iMac, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 13-inch MacBook Pro the first beneficiaries of the M3 chip.

In May, Gurman disclosed that Apple was in the process of testing a powerful M3 chipset featuring 12 CPU cores and 18 GPU cores. This highly anticipated chip is speculated to be the M3 Pro variant, meticulously crafted using TSMC’s advanced 3nm fabrication process.

As we approach October, it’s likely that the M3 chipsets will have undergone thorough testing and optimization, setting the stage for a conclusive and successful launch.

Moreover, next year, we can expect the introduction of the M3-based iPad Pro. Gurman suggests that while this new iPad Pro may not showcase significant overall upgrades. It is rumored to feature an OLED display—a detail that aligns with previous leaks and rumors.

While Gurman’s reputation is noteworthy, it’s essential to approach this information with a dose of skepticism. Until we receive official confirmation and insights, it’s best to remain cautiously optimistic.

Having said that, we’d love to hear your thoughts on this update. Are you eagerly anticipating Apple’s next-generation Silicon? Do you have plans to purchase M3-based Macs? Feel free to share your comments below!

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