Meta’s Threads App Unveils Exciting First Update: Introducing Follow Tabs, Translations, and More for iOS Users

Meta has introduced a significant update to Instagram’s Threads app, incorporating several crucial elements to enhance its competitiveness with Twitter. The update comes approximately two weeks after the app’s initial release, and it is now gradually being made available to users.

This first update addresses user feedback and includes a range of highly sought-after features, ultimately aiming to provide a smoother and more user-friendly experience while using the app.

Cameron Roth from Meta has shared an exciting list of updates for Threads. Among these updates, users can now enjoy translated posts, and a new Follows tab has been introduced on the activity feed. Additionally, enhancements have been made to improve the scrolling and loading of the activity feed.


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In addition to the feature updates, significant efforts have been put into enhancing the app’s stability. This includes addressing “a few small crash fixes” and resolving “a handful of other small bugs.”

Furthermore, the app’s overall weight has been reduced through binary size cuts, resulting in a lighter footprint on iPhones and consuming less storage space.

Although the update is readily available for download on the App Store, users are advised that they might need to restart their app to view the changes.

However, they may also have to exercise patience as the changes could take until the end of Tuesday to become fully visible. Cameron Roth explains that the system employs server-delivered flags, which may require some time for a complete rollout.

Threads experienced tremendous success right from its launch, garnering over 100 million active accounts within its first week.

However, after its initial release, the app has taken measures to block EU users from accessing it through VPNs, as Meta (formerly Facebook) addresses compliance with European privacy regulations.

Twitter’s response to the Threads launch was far from positive, as they openly voiced their displeasure and even went as far as threatening legal action against Meta.

The dispute centered around allegations of trade secret theft, with Twitter accusing Meta of appropriating confidential information during the app’s creation and release.

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